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Jonathan Cook

Our founder, Jonathan, discusses Neon Hive in Panama NZ's latest article.

"Panama Square residents, Neon Hive, were among the first people to move into the building in early 2019. They’re a creative bunch who build leading websites for passionate New Zealand brands." - Panama NZ.

What is the name of the company/ business you work for?

We rebranded in 2017 to Neon Hive. Why? We’d love to tell you that story in person.

How long have you been in business/ worked for this company?

Four exciting years.

In one sentence, tell us what you do.

We are a digital agency that specialises in website design and development, helping passionate businesses transform and grow in the connected world.

How did you end up doing what you’re doing?

Passionate about great design and looking to avoid a ‘real job’ during university, a few small web projects turned into a few big projects, and before you know it Neon Hive was born.

How long have you been a Panama resident?

Since April 2019 and loving it!

What do you love most about being a Panama resident?

Great people and great coffee.

If you had to change industry, what job would you choose?

FinTech – complex algorithms are my thing.

Any recommended reads?

Chapter One by Daniel Flynn and The Monocle Guide to Good Business.

What do you love most about Hamilton?

The people and its potential.

Where do you go for Saturday brunch?

Grey Gardens is the go-to."


Jonathan Cook

Since founding Neon Hive in 2015, Jonathan continues to work passionately on both client and agency-side projects. With extensive industry experience and two first class honours bachelor degrees across finance and computer science, Jonathan brings a strategic and results driven mindset to helping clients transform and grow.

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