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Hannah Moulden

Nick has helped countless business owners become more successful as leaders.

For almost two years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick Harvey. He’s enthusiastic, quick-witted, and has a fascinating perspective on leadership. And now, it’s your turn to get to know him.

Nick, what makes a great leader? Do you have a secret recipe?

It’s a mixture of science and art. You can really learn the science part anywhere, but the art of great leadership comes down to practice. Great leaders are highly self-aware of their performance and are always open to learning.

Describe your work ethic in three words.

I need four… Sweep beyond the line. 

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I don’t really seek inspiration. No posters. And movie stars are just people to me. My dad mentored and guided me through my early life, and because of that, today I am driven mostly from within.

Although Warren buffet is a great example of success who I look to.

How do you measure success?

Success depends on the eye of the beholder. So I would ask you this - Have you done everything you could do, to achieve what you are capable of? If you have done that, wherever you may be, you are successful.

What rules should new leaders be breaking?

I don’t think there are any rules. You only limit your mindset by believing in leadership rules. Don’t believe in rules!

What’s your favourite question to ask business owners you work with?

What are your deepest fears?

What behaviour is most toxic to a leaders’ career?

Big ego. “I am what I have, what I do, and what other people think of me.” Having a big ego is what drives negative behaviours like micromanaging and the need to control. Interestingly, it’s all driven from the fear of what others think. Big ego is the most toxic.

You’re a very innovative thinker. How do you teach leaders to think outside the box? 

That very phrase creates the box itself. My question to you is, what box?

Lastly, and most importantly, how do you take your coffee?

Mochaccino, the chocolate helps me deal with the coffee. And full cream milk, none of this skim stuff!

You can learn more about Nick Harvey on his website or in our case study here.

Hannah Moulden

Hannah has a strong background in managing the digital growth of leading brands which has brought to Neon Hive a unique set of skills. She first joined Neon Hive as a marketing strategist, and quickly found her niche in paid media. Highly ambitious, Hannah is always pushing boundaries to build creative and effective marketing strategies.

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