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Jonathan Cook

Your website is modern and simple to use. But are users actually converting?

Before you invest any more time into your digital presence, it’s vital that you first focus on creating a seamless funnel that allows visitors to easily navigate your buyer's journey. To give you a head start, our web design team has evaluated client data and identified the top three essential actions that you need to take to increase website conversions.

01. Know your Target Audience

First and foremost, you need to understand your customers in a three-dimensional capacity. Who are they? What are their needs? What problem do you solve? Are they even aware of this problem to begin with? 

With a crystal-clear understanding of who your customers are, you can then tailor your website’s messaging directly towards them. Standing the test of time, the best approach for gaining this customer knowledge is to create buyer personas

A buyer persona is the ultimate example of your ideal customer that is made by combination of data from existing customers and target audience research. When developing these characters be as specific as possible (right down to their weekend hobbies) to gain the clearest view of their goals and motivations. As the saying goes, in order to blow up you need to niche down.

02. Clear, Concise, and Immersive Content

It should go without saying that people will not stay on your website if it is heaping with paragraphs of information. Nor will they be inclined to scroll into digital depths just to understand your brand’s story - especially when small screens of mobile devices are most used to browse the internet. Instead, what a successful website will do is tell a brand’s story quickly and effectively by using core visual elements in cohesion. 

With condensed and exciting content like this visitors are more likely to continue exploring and unearthing corners of your site, all on their own terms. What’s more, if you invest in your website and create a truly memorable experience, these visitors will be more likely to return. This means new leads and more opportunities for conversion.

03. Make it Easy to Talk

Contact information, isn’t it as simple as providing a phone number and email address? From a business end, yes. But from a customer’s perspective they don’t want to spend their precious time clicking through your website just to discover how to “get in touch”

No matter how professional the enquiry or small the question, always make it easy to talk. Do this by ensuring your business’ contact information is always accessible and easy to find on your website, no matter what page the visitor is on.

But not so fast. Before you scour every page of your site for a point of contact, it’s crucial you consider that most visitors will be coming from mobile devices. For them it can take what seems like an eternity to scroll for contact info. In a fast-paced world with only 15 seconds to capture a reader's attention, this factor should take priority.

Pro Tip: If someone over 60 can’t easily find your website’s contact information, then you should probably rethink your game plan.

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There you have it, our three essential tips for increasing website conversions. When it comes to these pointers it should be noted that it’s not a case of one being more effective than the other. Each factor will impact the next, making them all vital to moving prospects down your buyer journey

By partnering with a professional web design agency, you can gain access to a team of experts that will ensure your website is engaging, user friendly, resonates with your audience, and, most importantly, drives results.

Jonathan Cook

Since founding Neon Hive in 2015, Jonathan continues to work passionately on both client and agency-side projects. With extensive industry experience and two first class honours bachelor degrees across finance and computer science, Jonathan brings a strategic and results driven mindset to helping clients transform and grow.

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