Welcome Cody, Our Social Media Manager


Cody Woodmass

Cody's passion for content creation and social media makes him an excellent addition to our team.

With many years of experience and a detail-oriented nature, he brings to an exciting and innovative perspective on brand representation. So in traditional Neon Hive fashion, to truly welcome Cody to the team we sat down and asked him some hard-hitting questions.

First of all, what even is a Social Media Manager?

My role involves creating content (photo, video, graphic design, and writing) on a regular basis in order to help clients engage and connect with their customers. Beyond this, I also take lead on larger social campaigns for clients (such as promoting a product launch or upcoming event).

What made you want to join Neon Hive?

I came on board with Neon Hive because of the professionalism and the extent of work that was on offer. Working alongside a range of top business’ with a huge amount being based in Hamilton was a huge pulling point for me. I really take it upon myself to help these companies grow and succeed. 

What aspect of working with us are you most excited about?

I am huge on content creation. It’s been my passion since I picked up my first camera 8 years ago. I love that I get to create photos, video and design content for passionate businesses.

Describe your personality in three words

Honest, Passionate, and Easy-going. 

Who in your life inspires you?

My parents are as big inspiration for me, my dads work ethic is insane and has always pushed me to be doing the best I can for as long as I can. I’m quite competitive which is good as I have a lot of friends in the creative world who also motivate me to grow and produce the highest quality of work. 

Who would you most like to swap lives with for a day and why?

Kevin Hart OR Sam Kolder. Kevin because he has an amazing family, a range of talent in comedy and acting, and is always making everyone laugh. Kolder because he is one of the most talented and original creatives in the world and gets to travel to the most stunning places for a living!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I find that a lot of my inspiration does come through social media. I focus on following accounts that are putting out new and original content, I then learn from this and put my own twist into my work.

What’s your set up?

I use a Sony a7iii, Mavic pro 2, DJI Ronin S, and my favourite lens to use is my Zeiss 16-35mm for getting those wide angles!

How do you like your coffee?

In the supermarket left on the shelf. Not a fan. (Editors note: we’re working on this)

Are you next?

Now that you’ve gotten to know more about our team, we want to get to know you!

If you think your business (or boss) needs to up their social media game, you can get in touch here.

Cody Woodmass

Cody is a devoted Photographer and Videographer with over 6 years of industry experience. He first joined Neon Hive in 2019 as our in-house Content Creator and has since found his passion as a Social Media Manager. With a creative and result-driven approach, Cody continuously pushes for agency and client success.

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