How to write great content in 2018

At Neon Hive, we believe strongly in great copywriting. Therefore, we decided to put together a handy reference guide to help you understand the ins and outs of copywriting, as well as the value good copywriting can add to your business.

Imagine you’ve spent years working on a brand. Your brand. Everything is falling into place, you’ve filled a need, you’ve honed your craft, and now after all your work you’ve launched your website. You wait anxiously for calls to come in, requests for your services, referrals, and recommendations.

There’s only one problem. That problem is copywriting. Your brand might be fantastic, your product might be the best, but without copywriting up to scratch, how can you possibly communicate any of that?

Why do you need good copywriting?

Copywriting is everything written on your website and in your promotional material. It is the information with which you present your brand. It draws people in with success stories, conveys the messages of your brand, and describes the value you can bring to your clients. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why good copywriting is an incredibly valuable feather in your cap. Without quality copywriting, it becomes incredibly difficult to retain the interest of prospective clients, difficult to project your values and services, and squashes your chances of making a real impact on readers.

Those sorts of outcomes are hardly what one hopes for when one sets out to make their mark on the world,  luckily for you, we decided to gather together a few points our copywriting lives and dies by so you can get the most out of the words you put to paper.

Four Handy Hints for Quality Copy

Get to the point!

Tip #1: Get to the Point

Tell me what you want to tell me in whatever way you want— in rhyme, in an essay, but whatever it is, give me the takeaway message in the first stroke of the pen. In the digital age, a visitor to your website can be gone in a single click, mere seconds after they arrived. That’s the window of opportunity you have, and you have to seize it.

Layer your website content

Tip #2: Layer Your Content

As important as it is to deliver your message swiftly and succinctly, it is also important to have more information for those who want to dig deeper. The more you can tell your reader, the more you can demonstrate the values of your brand, the more you can show that you have an effective and nuanced knowledge of the area in which you do your thing. Having as much relevant, useful, creative information as you can get in your copywriting will leave an impression on your reader— that impression being that you know your stuff.

Create different forms of content

Tip #3: Vary Your Content

Your writing needn’t always be an attempt to sell your brand directly. Our rule of thumb is to sell 5% of the time and provide meaningful value the other 95%. You can promote yourself and your brand through the way you write about topics outside of your own direct focus. Blog posts on developments in the industry you work in, discussions around strategies for those working in the same field as you, commentary on your own personal development in your field— these are all ways you can draw in readers, show your knowledge and experience, and keep delivering content to stay on top of changes.

Find your voice

Tip #4: Find Your Voice and Stick With It 

It’s important that what you write sounds like you wrote it. If you’re presenting yourself as a no-nonsense, get-the-job-done type of affair, the way you write has to reflect that, and reflect it consistently. If you are going for a more casual, informal approach, then your copywriting must reflect that angle consistently. An inconsistent voice in your work will result in your brand coming across messy and unfocused. When you find your copywriting voice, not only will it give you some grounding when it comes to writing new work, but it will unify your brand, show your focus, and convey the cohesion of your work. Consistency is key.

How to write great content in 2018

Our Final Words

There you have it. There are a number of things to learn when it comes to copywriting, but we reckon these here points are a great framework from which you can launch your own masterfully crafted work. The important thing to remember is that you’ve already put in an incredible amount of work learning what you’ve learned so you can do what you do. Now you need to take it home by presenting you and your brand in the best light you can with the best copywriting you can.  

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