About This Project

Nick Harvey is a leadership and strategy expert, as well as being at the head of Deep Waters Consulting. Nick has spent the better part of his working life exploring what makes effective leaders and successful business strategy. Since 2009, Nick has worked with business owners and leaders on strategy development, execution, and leadership.

Today, Nick is poised to offer his valuable experience and knowledge to more businesses than ever before by sharing this knowledge with the world.

In order to do so, we sat down with Nick and developed a game plan. In the end, we decided to develop Nicks personal brand which would be extended by NickHarvey.Online - a place where leaders can benefit from Nicks valuable expertise, free of charge, and grow in both business and life.

Nick Harvey by Neon Hive
Who Is Nick Harvey by Neon Hive

The Perfect Solution

Nick is now able to share his expertise in the form of videos, blogs, success stories, resources, and events. Nick can also help leaders through the opportunity to directly ask him questions relating to leadership, growth, business, and life on the #AskNickHarvey show.

We've had the pleasure of building every aspect of NickHarvey.Online - from branding, videography, and photography, all the way through to digital strategy and website development.

"Neon Hive helped me with everything digital and I'm absolutely blown away with the results."

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