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The Daily Menu provides easy to follow weekly meal plans that allow their subscribers to save money and time while also making dinner time easy. The founder, Kathrine Lynch, has shared several food challenges with the most notable being when she cooked 62 dinners for $100. These challenges sparked a lot of interest in the media, leading to over 17,000 likes on Facebook.

With the attention generated through multiple news articles from major outlets (Stuff, NZ Herald, and The Daily Mail just to name a few), as well television interviews on TVNZ Breakfast, came thousands of people asking for help to cook healthy and easy dinners on a budget. This birthed The Daily Menu - a space where Kathrine can encourage more families to incorporate home-cooked meals in their daily routines.

In the beginning, The Daily Menu was simply a private Facebook group. Every Friday, Kathrine would share the meal plan for the week as a PDF for only $5 per member. The nightmare of managing payments and subscribers quickly became apparent. Payments were received by bank transfer, and every Friday Kathrine would have to check who had paid and who would therefore receive the plan for the week. As numbers grew larger, this became entirely unmanageable and she had to look for a new solution.

This is where we were able to help by advising Kathrine on the best way to simplify the process for both her and her subscribers. After a coffee (or two), we had ironed out the specifics of thedailymenu.co.nz and got to work.

The Daily Menu's new website by Neon Hive
The Daily Menu's new website by Neon Hive
The Daily Menu's Meal Plan
The Daily Menu's Website

The Perfect Solution

Now Kathrine has a place where payments and subscribers are automatically managed so that she can spend less time worrying and more time making great weekly meal plans.

Also, users now have their very own custom portal where they can view their meal plan online, manage their account, view subscriber only blog posts, and much more. This is a large step up from just a weekly pdf, all for the same $5 per week - talk about value for money.

Right from the first phone call, Neon Hive had a good handle on the vision of my business and website. They understood exactly what I needed the website to do and what it needed to do in the future.

The website was developed quickly, within the time frame suggested, and it's better than I could ever imagine. It's easy to use for my subscribers, easy to use for me, and looks absolutely amazing!

I would highly recommend the team at Neon Hive, they are very easy to work with and they have a huge amount of knowledge and skills to develop top of the line websites.

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