Life At Neon Hive

We help passionate businesses gain a competitive advantage in the connected world.

Building Careers

We don't just give out jobs - we build careers. From day one, you will be given responsibility and the ability to make a meaningful impact.

Every Day is New

Every client has different needs. This requires you to constantly adapt your skill set and to be hungry to learn new things every day. To make things even more interesting, we do more than just collaborate with clients. Around 30% of our day is spent developing innovative solutions to complex problems.

The Benefits Of Working At Neon Hive

Most of your adult life is spent working, so we make sure that it's enjoyable!

New set of gear for employees at Neon Hive

Top Knotch Gear

We provide each member of the team with a new set of gadgets to unleash their creative abilities.

We love animals at Neon Hive

Great Culture

We have the courage to be ourselves, take creative risks and break the rules sometimes.

Rewarding hard work at neon hive

Rewarding Hard Work

We recognise hard work and loyalty through 10% referral commissions and salary bonuses.

Paying competitive salaries at neon hive

Competitive Salaries

We understand that great talent comes at a price. We pay premium salaries for team members that go above and beyond.

We love to keep social

Flexible Hours

We believe in flexible office hours as they keep the creatives juices flowing.

Drinking plenty of caffeine at Neon Hive

Plenty of Caffeine

You name it, we've got it on tap. Coffee is a big part of our daily routine.

We're here to disrupt the norm

We're here to disrupt the norm.

We're not afraid to be creative

Neon Hive was born out of a passion for great design and creative thinking. We are a creative team of designers, developers, and big picture thinkers, helping passionate businesses gain a competitive advantage in the connected world. We pride ourselves on always being curious, innovative, and willing to disrupt the norm.

Want to join the team?

To apply, please email your CV to

Systems Architect

Hamilton, New Zealand

Senior Flutter Developer

Hamilton, New Zealand

Content Manager

Hamilton, New Zealand

Account Strategist

Hamilton, New Zealand

Senior Webflow Developer

Hamilton, New Zealand

Senior Shopify Developer

Hamilton, New Zealand

Project Manager

Hamilton, New Zealand

UI / UX Designer

Hamilton, New Zealand

Some of our regulars

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